My little Q&A with Josephine Angelini about her book "Starcrossed"

Q: How did you develope a love for greek myths? Have you ever been in Greece? 

J.A. :I wish I'd been to Greece, and I fully intend to go as soon as I can! But my love of Greek myths developed because I started reading them when I was young. I?ve always been a fan of fantasy and sci-fi, and I consider Greek myth to be akin to that. Mostly, I think the ancient myths are just fantastic, timeless stories that never lose their appeal.

Q:Was it your dream to become a writer?

J.A. :Yes it was my dream-- it just took me a while to figure that out. I?ve been writing pretty much every day since I was ten, but I didn?t think I could do it for a living until I was in my twenties. It just never dawned on me that anyone would pay me to write down the crazy stuff that I daydreamed about and scribbled down in my journal.

Q:Which was your inspiration for the book?

J.A. :I got lucky. I happened to see a copy of Romeo and Juliet next to The Iliad on my bookshelf and wondered what it would be like if I put those two ideas together and set it in a modern-day high school. I bounced the idea off my husband, and he loved it. The story practically wrote itself from there.

Q:Will there be a love triangle?

J.A. :You'll have to wait for the second book to see! I will say that we meet someone named Orion in the second book and he becomes very important to the trilogy.

Q: How would you describe yourself in 3 words

J.A. :Tall. Scatterbrained. Accident-prone. (That's four, I know. But I figured the hyphen would make it more like three and a half.)

Thank you so much for your time!
P.s. Everyone Don't forget to buy Starcrossed!;)